Tuesday Poll: Tell us your Top 5 Smartphone Applications?


Thanks to the many years of smartphone application development, the mobile applications that we see in the iOS, Android, and Windows Stores have come along way since the days of the original iPhone.  With the recent debut of Google’s Material Design Language and Apple’s Technical advances in iOS 8, applications are becoming more powerful with every passing iteration.

In today’s Tuesday Poll we wanted to share with you our Top 5 Smart Phone Applications.  In order to qualify as a Top 5 application, each application must be installed on our devices and be used as our daily driver.  These apps are highly rated  in each of their prospected app stores with four or more stars for consumer ratings.  These are ranked from least to most used / important for our daily activity while on the go.



DropBox is a freemium service that allows users to store their digital life possessions in the cloud.  This has become a staple of in2tek due to its ability to provide a flexible platform for storing photos, videos, and documents. DropBox offers one of the best Android and iOS applications of any online file storage company.  DropBox’s some what new Carousel application offer a unique way to browse the photos and videos stored in your DropBox account.  One benefit of DropBox is that any user can receive two gigabytes of data for free when they sign up for an account.  If a user requires more than two gigabytes of storage, they can opt for DropBox’s Pro account which will land them 1 terabyte of storage (1,000 gigabytes).  For the power or business user, DropBox offers the Pro Account features plus a swath of other enterprise grade controls to run a business from.

The biggest reason that DropBox made it to this list is that when a user installs the application on each of their devices the user’s files are automatically synced across every platform.  This feature is extremely handy when you leave the house and forget your laptop or tablet.  DropBox is the answer to people looking for the best option to  sync their digital life and have it anywhere they have a data or internet connection.



Fourth on our list of Top 5 Smartphone applications is the Google Now Launcher.  This application is only available on Android phones for the time being.  The beauty of this application is that it is a complete home screen launcher replacement for any Android phone or tablet.  Some phone manufactures apply a heavy Android Skin that has been customized to fit with the companies design language.  Companies like HTC, Samsung, and Sony are notorious for applying their Android skin on every phone they ship to the consumer.  The beauty of Google’s Now Launcher is that it applies a very lightly customized Android Skin in place of the bloated and slow Android skin that comes on your phone from the manufacturer.

Another incredible benefit that Google Now brings to your Android phone or tablet is the ability to see directions, weather, stock updates, internet webpage suggestions, and traffic updates.  If you are an Android user that has an Android Wear Smart watch you will find Google Now loaded on that as well.  While out to dinner with my family, my phone was informing me of the latest episode of Revenge airing on ABC that night.  After using the launcher for several months, I’ve come accustomed to swiping away certain traffic notifications and stock quotes.  By now Google’s launcher has become a daily driver for me and will continue to be in the future until Android manufacturers can figure out a way to tone down the heft of their Android Skins.



With the power players in the technology world beginning to set their sites on Pandora.  Apple Inc, Samsung, Spotify, and Google have all played their hand at the custom music game.  I’ve been using Pandora for the last 5 years and haven’t strayed since my first signup with Pandora.  For the entire duration with my membership I’ve maintained a Pandora One account that comes with it a variety of bonus features.  A bonus for Pandora Customers currently using T-Mobile’s cellular network is unlimited music listen while on the carriers 4G LTE network.  T-Mobile calls this deal with Pandora music freedom, and I’ve been using it religiously for the past 4 months.



Second on our list is the famous fitness and activity tracking application Endomondo.  This fun yet useful fitness and activity application has raised major acclaim in the past few years for its ability to chart and guide the user through any fitness challenge they face.  As a long time user of this application, I was able to take advantage of their Pro Version for a highly discounted rate.  This fitness application has recently been updated for compatibility with Android Wear and will most  likely support the Apple Watch with its release in 2015.  I’ve recently come accustomed to using the app to track my steps and stationary spin bike activity.  Although it may seem like a one dimensional product, it plays a huge role in social fitness media.  Endomondo takes broadcasting fitness related activity  to your social networks to share with your friends and complete strangers if you choose.  One of the coolest social networking aspects of this app is its ability to inform you when certain companies are offering contests to win prizes and compete against other users across the world.  Its a solid fitness app, but don’t take our word for it try it out for your self.



Last but not least, we’ve come to the single most used and important application currently on our phones today.  SplashData’s password safe manager is the brightest app to come along in a very long time.  Since the very beginning it has been an app used on a daily basis to secure everything from work passwords, birthdays, banking information, and various other social networking credentials.  The beauty  of this application is it creative and secure use of the cloud to ensure your data is safe and secure at all times across all devices.  Even though information is stored locally on the application, it constantly syncs across your tablets, the online backup, and your computer.  It offer super secure encryption if you desire along with email backups scheduled any way you like.  Just recently revealed was the Splash ID data safe USB key.  This takes data security to a new level offering the consumer the ability to load the most current backup of their files to an encrypted USB key that can be stored safely in a fireproof safe in the home.  I sprung for this feature in the off chance that my wife would need our important password in case of an emergency.

There you have it folks, we’ve covered apps that play our favorite songs to applications that track our fitness and health.  We covered in depth our favorite password / life manager, and covered the reasons why Android phones sometimes require a fast efficient home screen replacement.  Now that you know our favorite apps, we’d like to know what makes your iPhone or Android tick.