[Update] Samsung’s “Six Appeal” Full Steam Ahead









Its Thursday again here in the tech world and it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t  report on Samsung and their newly minted Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge flagships.  Tomorrow April 10th is the day die hard Samsung fans have been waiting for, the  debut of the new mobile powerhouse from the South Koreans.

 Samsung phones of the past have been made of plastic and have been void of a  certain fit and finish of their Apple counterparts. With last years Galaxy Note 4 and its lessor known little brother the Galaxy Alpha, Samsung has been playing catch up with HTC and Apple in the industrial design department. Thats a wrong that J.K Shin and his team at Samsung are looking to right. With LG clearly in the rear view mirror, Samsung has the momentum and firepower with their new Galaxy S6 to unseat Apple as the smart phone king.

The guys at Phoneareana are reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S6 have already broken pre-order records to that of the previous iteration, the S5. Only time will tell how successful Samsung is with their new “Six Appeal” marketing effort. Stay tuned for more breaking news on the debut of the new and vastly improved Galaxy S6.


Today I received a new toy in the mail to test out, and while at my local T-Mobile store I was able to snag some information regarding the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6.  A trusted store employee there told me that their launch was going very well, and they had already sold nearly their entire stock of Galaxy S6 phones by noon.  I inquired about their initial S6 Edge stock and he said they had very low stock on hand for launch day and that they were sold out by late morning.  When asked if the launch was anything like that of the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, he laughed and gave a swift “No”.  Looks like Six Appeal has signs of success locally, let’s hope the Galaxy S6 lineup can carry momentum into the later part of this year.