Project Ara- A Quick Look at the Future of Smartphones

For those of us with a deeper knowledge and general interest in technology have heard of Project Ara and the Phonebloks Team. For our readers that don’t know, Project Ara is Google’s dream of creating a modular phone system that can be upgraded at anytime. This is a dream come true for consumers who love upgrading their electronics every couple months.

After watching the video we can see that Project Ara is still very much on the upswing. Never the less its a project that Google wants to be first to market with. The very pre-production modular phone shown in the video shows extreme promise, giving the viewer an insight into what its like to be on a boutique hardware team with the deep pockets of a major tech firm.

As with anything in the tech industry, the man hours and dollars required to bring an idea like this to life are extraordinary. From the video we can see that the first working model is still very much in the pre beta phase, with slow load times and numerous screen redraws. Regardless the technology has a promising future, and I cant wait to get my hands on a review unit.

Tell us what you think about Project Ara. Do you think it has a future in your pocket or do you think it will cruise off into the same oblivion that Google Glass did?