iPhone 6S camera squares off with the Galaxy Line

selfie_M     Today marks two days before Apple’s crown jewel, the newly refreshed iPhone 6S get released to the masses. As a current fan of T-Mobile’s network and their catchy marketing offerings, I have recently pondered the switch back to Apple’s walled garden. Roughly five years ago, I fell away from iOS in favor of Android for many different reasons. One of those being the camera quality on the vast majority of Android powered phones was far superior to the offering from Apple.

Recently a co-worker and I discussed how far cameras in general have come compared to what manufactures were shipping in phones even three years ago. It’s becoming painfully apparent that smart phone manufacturers have aimed their sights at the professional DSLR crowd. The compact and mirrorless cameras have already fallen victim to the modern smart phone. The big name players like Cannon and Nikon should be shaking in their boots with the advancement in the tiny cameras currently floating around in our pockets.Galaxy-S6-camera

Friday September 25th marks Apple’s official foray into the high end camera phone game. Makers like Sony, Samsung, and even Motorola have upped the ante for quality shooters in their smartphones. Many would argue that Apple has always been in a league of their own, but I side with the crew from Samsung. Their smart phone cameras have always been top notch in both mega pixels and color reproduction. The 16 megapixel sensor housed in the body of my long term test Galaxy S6 Edge continues to shoot the most incredible photos and video.

The point being made is that with T-Mobile’s device upgrade flexibility and Apple’s iPhone 6S dropping on Friday, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify using the tried and true camera in the Galaxy S6. The beauty that lies in the world of consumer technology is that buyers have many options. These options allow us to buy and sell our devices at will without the repercussions of being locked into devices for two or more years. It’s a great time to be a consumer in the smart phone industry, and an even better time to be behind the cameras currently shipping in today’s smart phones.