In2tek Deals: The Bookmark Battery


redesign_Vorson_MF2_1014Compact, Light, and Enduring

As a tek site devoted to bringing you the best news, reviews, and tek related content we also feel its a duty to share some of our favorite products.  From time to time a product comes along that reworks how you think about technology.  With a 4.7mm thin profile, the BookMark by Vorson is designed to easily slip in and out of your pocket, backpack or briefcase while also keeping the battery in your cellphone  juiced up whenever you need it.

With a professional and luxury inspired, shockproof soft coating in black or white, the BookMark feels as good as good in the hand as it looks plugged into your devices. The BookMark retains a 2500mAh lithium battery, so you’ll never be without a charged device in a pinch.  This products beauty is in its ability to charge both phones and tablets.

Why you cant operate without it

We love how Vorson is all about design and function. The BookMark is designed with the user in mind so it’s simple, easy to use and offers an additional 12.5 hours of additional video playback, plenty of power for your daily power needs.  We are still waiting for our unit to show up in house, when the time comes rest assured we will review it.

Need More Proof?

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