Welcome to in2tek!


Welcome Home Tek Fans,

I want to personally thank you for visiting my new blog that aims to rewrite how technology is reported and understood. In2Tek was born from a struggle between enjoying technology and challenging how its presented to the world.  In2tek will serve as the vehicle by which I report on and craft information about the tech industry in the past, present, and future. Our reporting will offer a unique down to earth perspective of how technology impacts our world and daily life for the better. We feel that a complete technology website isn’t about the latest unboxing or having the first leak on what new phone or wearable is around the corner. Although the latter will be a fundamental instrument to presenting our information, we will cater reviews to the “average joe”.  These “average joes” are the lifeblood of the industry and will be key to driving innovation in the future. This site is dedicated to the significant others, coworkers, and friends who put up with our endless jibber jabber about the next generation Snapdragon processor or how pixel dense the new Galaxy Note is. Take solace in fact that we don’t affiliate with one fanboy club over another. We stand united on pushing technology forward in a way that everyone can understand. Stay tuned for a run down of the other technology blog players that we look up to and want to draw from in the future. What are your thoughts on where technology is at and where its headed?