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iPhone 6S camera squares off with the Galaxy Line

     Today marks two days before Apple’s crown jewel, the newly refreshed iPhone 6S get released to the masses. As a current fan of T-Mobile’s network and their catchy marketing offerings, I have recently pondered the switch back to Apple’s walled garden. Roughly five years ago, I fell away from iOS in favor of […]

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[Update] Samsung’s “Six Appeal” Full Steam Ahead

              Its Thursday again here in the tech world and it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t  report on Samsung and their newly minted Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge flagships.  Tomorrow April 10th is the day die hard Samsung fans have been waiting for, the  debut of the […]

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Jonathan Ive: The Father of Modern Tek Design

  For many of you Jonathan Ive isn’t a household name yet.  For for the technology fanatic readers hes considered the Father of Modern Industrial design.  Ive’s most famous work has been accomplished while during his tenure at Apple in Cupertino. Since 1996 Ive has been the face of Apple design and most recently the […]

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Welcome to in2tek!

Welcome Home Tek Fans, I want to personally thank you for visiting my new blog that aims to rewrite how technology is reported and understood. In2Tek was born from a struggle between enjoying technology and challenging how its presented to the world.  In2tek will serve as the vehicle by which I report on and craft […]

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